Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Rasberry Muffins

First let me say, that I'm sorry about the photo quality below. After I baked and glazed my raspberry muffins, it was dark outside and the light in my kitchen is not good. These muffins would have looked a lot prettier if I could have captured them better in my photos. But besides that, they are tasty muffins. Not the best but tasty. I got the recipe off of recipezaar.com - its under "Old Fashion Blueberry or Raspberry Muffins". The recipe did not call for glaze but I chose to add that for extra sweetness and I think glaze looks nice. I just bought a whole 1/2 flat of raspberries at the local Farmer's Market in Renton today. Raspberries are my favorite berry and even though I have purchased a lot of them this season, I feel like I can never have enough. I have about 2 flats worth in my freezer. I also bought a ton of blackberries & blueberries. I wanted to make something with today's berries before I froze the rest. These muffins were just right in texture. Not crumbly at all but not too light and fluffy either. I sifted my dry ingredients and added a touch of cinnamon which was not called for. Another slight change I made was to add 1/2 oil instead of all melted butter. I like the texture that oil brings to muffins but I like the flavor that butter adds.

I know, this is not the most exciting of posts but it's what was happening tonight!

Berries were picked earlier today in Mount Vernon, Washington. That's where the Tulip Festival is every year.

Had extra glaze so I doubled glazed my muffins. Simple glaze of powdered sugar, vanilla & milk.

Just the right amount of raspberries! Some of the berries were really big so they created some kind of soggy spots but still good.


Joyce said...

Soggy berry spots would not deter me from eating a few of these. Yesterday I was trying to take a photo for Fridays post and the sun kept going in and out so I know how nutty it can be to take photos of food. I have to admit that most times I eat the food first and then remember the camera:)

Anonymous said...

Oh these look amaaaaaazing!!