Thursday, May 21, 2009

Something Different - Tropical Bark

I found a recipe for Tropical White Chocolate Bark on a blog earlier this week ( It called for white chocolate, macadamia nuts, coconut & dried pineapple. I had everything to make this and it looked simple to put together. Well, I didn't have quite enough white chocolate so when I made the bark tonight, I used semisweet chocolate, mixed with milk chocolate but drizzled the little bit of melted white chocolate that I had on top of everything. I'm not too big on nuts but I know many many people who love nuts so I made this bark with the intention to sell it at work tomorrow. I think my co workers will go wild for this - I'm hoping! The macadamia nuts are toasted and I sprinkled some sea salt on them. I thought that would be a nice sweet/salty touch. I used half sweetened coconut & half unsweetened dessicated coconut. The semi sweet chocolate I used was the huge bar of Trader Joes dark chocolate. The milk chocolate I used was my favorite - Guittards. I wasn't so sure how the dried pineapple would fit in but I chopped into small pieces. It wasn't really hard and dry to begin with - it was fresh & soft. It was a nice touch but the flavor kind of got lost with all of the other strong flavors. This recipe would make a really nice gift. I can imagine finding a beautiful decorative tin to package it in.

Dried pineapple of course is...well, dried but fresh dried pineapple is soft & chewy and has some moistness to it. Stale dried pineapple is crusty and very dry. This bunch I had was so chewy and fresh. It was delicious. I bet it would be a good addition to add dried mango or papaya to this bark.

I often purchase the large bars of Trader Joes chocolate and I use it as baking chocolate. It comes in milk chocolate, dark chocolate and bittersweet & maybe semi sweet. It's a pretty good deal for this much chocolate. It's wonderful to eat out of hand too!

I slightly toasted the coconut.

I purchased unsalted toasted macadamia nuts at Trader Joes but I toasted them a little darker in the oven then sprinkled sea salt on them.
I evenly distributed the chopped pineapple & toasted coconut on a foil lined jelly roll pan then I poured the melted chocolate on top of that. Then I sprinkled the macadamia nuts on top of the melted chocolate and pressed them lightly into the chocolate.

I drizzled the melted white chocolate on top of the macadamia nuts then sprinkled the last of the toasted coconut on top of all that.
I placed the whole pan in the freezer to harden a little quicker. After it was hard, I broke it into rough pieces.

I packaged the finished bark in cellophane bags then tied a pretty ribbon on top!

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