Thursday, May 21, 2009

Decorated cookies for a bridal shower

I also create little works of sugar cookie art! I previously had a website showing all of my decorated cookies and took orders often for showers, parties, holidays, birthdays, graduations - all kinds of special occasions. It got to be too time consuming. It's a lot of work to make these cookies and even though each cookie sold for approx. $4.00, it was not worth it. By the time I made the dough, rolled it out, cut the cookies, baked the cookies, let them cool, made the royal icing, colored the icing, applied the icing, let it dry, put the final decorations on, let them dry again, package them up, made the tags, tied the ribbons and then find some approriate coordinating packaging....whew!! I was so ready to get those cookies out of my kitchen!!! These were the last creations I made for a co-workers bridal shower. They were beautiful cookies and the bride to be was thrilled. I thought I would share these with you. If you would like to see some additional decorated cookies, let me know and I will email you some photos.

The "ccB" is a sort of monogram that the bride created. The bride and grooms first name each starts with "C". Each cookie was packaged in a cellophane bag, tied with a ribbon that had a tag attached.

I actually was short on time with these so I used a white fondant for the background. I purchased a big tub of white Satin Ice at my local kitchen store, rolled it out really thin, cut it with the cookie cutter and attached it to each cookie with a light coating of corn syrup. This saves so much time since you don't have to wait for the base coat of royal icing to dry - you can just start piping royal icing details right onto the fondant. Fondant is so flawless and beautiful but it just doesn't taste as good as royal icing. It taste kind of like a crusty marshmallow. But the brand, Satin Ice, is tasty as far as fondant goes. It's the best tasting one I've had.

Each monogram was done free hand and that's difficult for me to do. Some people's writing with icing is flawless and smooth. I've always struggled with it but have improved slightly with time. Many folks nowdays just use edible images where they can simply choose a font, choose the words they want and have them transfered onto the cookie.

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Desmone007 said...

Wow! You did a marvelous job on the decorations! I'm sure the bride-to-be was well pleased. If you don't mind, I'd love to direct Foodista readers to your blog. It's easy, just add your choice of widget and you're all set!