Friday, January 22, 2010

Vanilla Bean Bargain

Not only were these vanilla beans a great bargain, but their quality is wonderful. They are so fresh. I found them on Amazon. I was not looking for vanilla beans but I came across them and the reviews for them were perfect. But what really caught my eye was the price. For $24.99 you receive 54 fresh vanilla beans! AND their is no shipping charges AND since they come from out of state, there is no tax! So for $24.99 I got about 1/2 pound of beans. I rarely use fresh vanilla beans in my baked goods because I could rarely afford them. Even when they were on sale in the grocery store, they cost about $10 for 2 of them and they were not always fresh. Sometimes they seemed kind of hard & dry. These beans came in 2 resealable packages and the moment you open one of them you are enveloped with a fantastic vanilla fragrance. They literally smelled my whole kitchen up when I took some out to take photos - and now my hands smell strongly of vanilla. I honestly have never handled vanilla beans that were so intensely vanilla-y. Amazon also offers these beans in different amounts - 16 beans for $14.95 - 7 beans for $9.99 - 108 beans for $54.99.
So, I just thought I'd share this exciting find with you. It always feels good to save money where you can.

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cookies and cups said...

Oh great! Thanks for this tip, I have been wanting to get some but they are so darn expensive at my supermarket!