Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Cake flour purchased in bulk

I don't know about you but I love using cake flour in many of my recipes but purchasing it at the grocery store in those little 2 pounds boxes was sooo expensive. I finally purchased some in bulk. A 50 pound bag to be exact. I purchased it online from Honeyville Food Products. They charged only $4.50 for shipping this 50 lb bag to my home! The flour itself was $48. Sounds like alot of money for flour but it will last me a long time. I'm not good at math but I believe it's a lot better deal than paying $3 for a little box.


Tia said...

omg - how do you even lift or store that!? wow... that's the mark of a truly devoted baker. lol

Aileen said...

What do you think of this brand flour? Would you consider it a pretty good cake flour compared to say soft as silk?

Heidi said...

Yes Aileen, I do think this Sno-King cake flour is wonderful. I would say it's as good as Soft As Silk although I do find that I need to sift it before using because little lumps sometimes appear. I used to be so hesitant about using my cake flour because it was so expensive to purchase those little boxes. I would often use only 50% cake flour or substitute all purpose flour for all of the cake flour called for in a recipe. Now I use cake flour whenever I want and I use as much as I want. I'm very pleased that I purchased it. If you bake a lot then I suggest you think about purchasing cake flour in bulk. You might even find a better bargain than this one.


Ms. Humble said...

Ha! I just googled "cake flour bulk seattle" and this is #1.

I get all my bread and all purpose flours, granulated and confectioners sugars in 50lb bags but not my cake flour. You would think there would be a place that sells it locally. I wonder if the business Costco on 99 has it.

Ms. Humble said...

Just checked, Business Costco does not have cake flour. Boo! They did have sweet deals on baking pans, utensils and silicone mats. Enough stuff at least to make it worth the trip.

Looks like I will be buying it online too.