Thursday, July 30, 2009

The weather in Seattle

I have not baked lately! I'm going through withdrawls! I'm sure that many of you have heard about the very unusually hot weather that we are having in Seattle. For those of you in Texas, Arizona or somewhere in the south, you probably think we are total whimps because I'm sure that you regularly experience triple digits or at least high 90's. Well, in Seattle it's normally 75-85 degrees with 85 being a very hot day for us. The heat this past week has been record breaking and almost unbearable. It makes me want to cry and I have not gotten anything done. No laundry, no dishes, no cleaning....nothing. I can barely move!! In my house, on the first floor, my thermostat read 97 degrees last night! I can't imagine what the upstairs was! How can you sleep in a 97 degree room? I read somewhere that only about 10% of houses in our area have air conditioning. That's 90% of the area that doesn't!! So I've been trying to stay away from my house and find places that are nice and cool - the mall, the library, the movies (G-Force in 3D), restarants..etc. It sucks not being at home though. And my poor kitty cats. I feel so bad for them in their big fur coats that they can't take off. I try to keep them cool but they don't so much like being soaked with cold water like dogs. And because this heat wave totally caught everone off-guard, every air conditioner & fan in the Seattle area has been purchased. No kidding! Everywhere you go there are signs on the windows that say they are completely sold out! It's insane!

Ok, I've babbled enough about this. The bottom line is - the extreme weather conditions is the reason I have not baked and probably won't for several more days. I just don't see how you guys in the hot states do it!!

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Joyce said...

We crank up the A/C come April and don't shut it until November. We try and do all the errands in the AM or PM when it is cooler and we spend lots of time at the pools and beaches drinking southern sweet tea:)