Saturday, July 11, 2009

Packaging the baby shower cookies (previous post)

I just finished packaging all of my baby shower onesie cookies. Whew! Whenever I get to this step in the process, I'm so damn sick of the cookies, I just want them out of my house! I took time to package them all in cellophane bags, tied with a pretty ribbon with a tag attached. Then I place them in my pink bakery boxes with colorful tissue paper. It's such a time consuming process. I charge $4.00 a cookie (for this size - bigger cookies cost more) but sometimes I wonder if I'm getting enough. It's a lot of work!! I will deliver these tomorrow morning. I'll be glad to get them out of the house. I used to make decorated sugar cookies more often. I was taking orders left and right. I had a beautiful website dedicated to my decorated sugar cookies. It got to be just too much. I was getting calls from all over the country and I just couldn't do anymore. I took my website off line and pretty much stopped advertising. Plus, I was getting burnt out on it. So now I decorate cookies once in awhile for close friends or coworkers or occasionally a friend's friend.

You must get some of these pink bakery boxes. They make any treat look good and professional. I purchased 100 of the boxes online and purchased 100 cupcake inserts to go inside each box. The insert does not have to go into the box and so sometimes, I just use the box itself and fill it with treats.


Joyce said...

I can understand why they are so much work but the average person is clueless:) Time consuming task but they do look so pretty and the Mom to Be sure will appreciate them.

♥Rosie♥ said...

Those cookies are just beautiful. A lot of effort and time have gone into making these little beauties.