Monday, April 20, 2009

Golden Apple Cake with Caramel Buttercream Icing

Yesterday I needed to use some apples that were a little bit past their time. What to make? I chose a golden apple cake. The recipe was from the Magnolia Bakery cookbook (or one of their other cookbooks). I made the recipe with a few changes. Their recipe did not call for cinnamon which I thought was necessary for an apple cake. I also added a big pinch of allspice. I think I might have chopped the apples a little too small because they kind of disappeared in the cake after it was baked. The bigger pieces were still there and they were nice and tender and tasty. The cake was fluffy & moist and a beautiful golden color. I iced it with a caramel buttercream icing. Apples & caramel together? Can't beat that combo. The recipe called for 2 9 inch pans to make it a layer cake. Since I had so many apples to use, I made a double recipe and made 2 large sheet pans. This cake was simply delicious!


justine said...

Yummy..... you are getting good at pictures of food!

twondra said...

Hi Heidi! I'm a friend of Justine's. She mentioned your blog and I would love to follow it and look at yummy food. :) Hope that's okay. :)

Jo said...

The cake looks amazing! I'm making a cake for a friend who's leaving work and she loves caramel chocolate cake - I'd love to use this icing - do you have the recipe?