Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Snowflake Cupcakes

I needed a quick 2 dozen cupcakes for a preschool Christmas party tomorrow! Out comes my cake doctor cook book! I used the buttermilk chocolate cake recipe and the sour cream white cake recipe. Topped with a vanilla buttercream icing that is a very pale shade of blue. The snowflake on top is simple melted white chocolate that I piped onto tinfoil then sprinkled with edible white glitter while the chocolate was still wet. After the white chocolate was completely dry, I carefully peeled the glittery snowflake off of the foil and stuck it right on top of the freshly iced cupcake! The kids will love them I'm sure.

I hate taking photos in the evening when there is no natural light! I have tried everything to make my evening photos look better. Using the flash does NOT work. I need some outside source of light. Does anyone have any good ideas? What do YOU use when there is no natural sunlight coming through the window? All photos that I take in the evening have kind of a yellowish cast to them. I have tried extra lamps, brighter lights......help!


Anonymous said...

Lovely cupcakes!

This site helped me when pondering lighting. I made a softbox: http://strobist.blogspot.com/2009/06/food-photography-made-easy-lunch-box.html

Ms. Humble said...


I've had the same problem lately, then I remembered a full spectrum compact fluorescent desk lamp I have.

I lit my shots with the lamp tonight and the photos were not too bad. I think I may need two to help reduce some of the harsh shadows though. Sunlight is still better, but the lamp sure beats my normal indoor light sources.