Thursday, June 18, 2009

If you have a recipe blog....READ THIS - Recipe Attribution

Wow, this is interesting reading below. If you are like me, you started a recipe blog with the intention of sharing your experiences in the kitchen with your fellow foodies. Pretty simple right?........take some photos, write something witty, post the recipe and call it good. Well this article below sheds a whole new light on the proper way to post a recipe. I've always kind of wondered if I was stepping on anyone's toes when I posted the recipes. One thing that I was always sure to do, was to slightly change the recipe or it's wording. That was just a hunch that I had and it appears to be a proper way of doing things, along with other suggestions. Take a moment to read the article. Hopefully it can give you some new helpful suggestions.

How many of you are registered with the "Food Blog Alliance"?

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Tia said...

i'm not but will be soon! thanx for this info. v. informative.