Thursday, June 4, 2009

Black & White cookie opinion

No, I did not make these cookies shown below. I wanted to share my opinion of the black & white cookies that I tried on my New York trip and I wanted y'all to see what cookie I was talking about. I've always wanted to try a black & white cookie. I've also always wanted to try making them. Until now, that is. I did not care for them at all. The first one I bought was at a little pastry shop in Greenwich village. I took one bite and threw it away. Not good at all. I figured I might try one more because maybe that particular cookie I sampled was not a quality one. So I tried another black & white cookie at a bakery somewhere in the suburbs of Long Island. That one was not good either. So I've come to the conclusion that I do not like black & white cookies. They are actually more like a cake, than a cookie and I can't quite place the flavor but I see recipes that use a lemon flavor which I couldn't detect that at all. I think they are beautiful cookies and they look fun to make but as far as the traditional black & white cookies.....they are not my thing. Since I enjoy the look of them, maybe I will simply make some vanilla shortbread cookies, cut with a big round cookie cutter, and dip half in white chocolate & half in semi sweet chocolate. Or maybe a vanilla & chocolate glaze?

Is it just me who doesn't like black & white cookies? What are your opinions?


Joyce said...

I grew up in New York and these are my all time FAVORITE cookies. I buy mine at Grand Central Station. My daughter likes them so much that she wanted to have a huge Blk & Wht as her wedding cake instead of a traditional wedding cake. I guess you expected a crisp cookie but as you found out they are like little cakes. As soon as I get off the plane in NY I have to have one. I have people mail them to me from NY and no one is allowed to visit my house from NY without bringing a huge box of them on the plane for me. I could eat them every day with a big glass of MILK. I am sorry you did not like them but if you were raised in New York you would have been fed them from the time you could eat!

♥Rosie♥ said...

Oh wow these cookies are just beautiful!!