Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Big time failure

Even I make mistakes sometimes when I bake. And I made a big one last night. I had found this new recipe to make a triple layer chocolate fudge cake. I found the recipe on and it had received wonderful reviews. How exciting!! After assembling the ingredients, I poured the beautiful and tasty chocolate batter into my cake pans! I placed them in the oven and waited. About 15 minutes into baking, I peeked into the oven. The cakes had not risen at ALL and at that moment I suddenly realized that I had not added any leavener. No baking soda - no baking powder. Nothing. Damn! I finished baking the big chocolate pancakes, removed them from the ovens and removed them from the pans. They were about 1/2 inch tall - maybe not even that thick. And worse yet, they felt all rubbery and floppy. Into the trash they went. I was so bummed. Sigh.

I did make some wonderful chocolate chip cookies after that failure but since I had already posted that recipe, I decided not to blog about them. Maybe I'll make something tonight.

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