Sunday, April 26, 2009

White chocolate dipped oreos

My friend Christine's birthday is May 4th. She loves my baking and appreciates just about everything I make. I went to visit her today and brought her a few dozen chocolate chip cookies plus some white chocolate covered oreos. I'm always amazed how fancy and time consuming these cookies appear when in reality, they are so simple to make and take hardly any time. They make such a grand presentation. I bought the gold boxes with plastic inserts (shown below) just for the purpose of dipped oreos. The decorations on top of the cookies are sugar designs and royal icing flowers & different sprinkles. I purchase the decorations in bulk online and use them for my cupcakes, cakes & cookies. Don't they add the sweetest touch? You can easily make these cookies at home. The white chocolate is actually candy melts. It's not a "real" chocolate. It comes in any different color you can think of. Wilton makes a wide variety and you can buy them at Micheals Craft Store. They have a vanilla flavor to them but they also sell a milk chocolate "flavor" and dark chocolate "flavor". Yes, I must admit that I DO prefer actual milk chocolate & dark chocolate but when you work with real chocolate, unless you take the time to temper it, you will get a lot of white spots on it (it's called "bloom"). Tempering is a process where you heat your melted chocolate to a specific temperature then keep it at that temperature while you stir the rest of the hard chocolate in (or something like that). Professional chocolate is always tempered but it's tricky and takes a lot of skill to temper chocolate and I don't posess that skill or do I want to figure it out. So that is where candy melts come in handy. They are great for dipping things: cookies, pretzels, candy, fruit. Plus you can melt it and create colored designs with it. And the best thing about candy melts, you don't have to temper it. All of your dipped items come out with a nice clean smooth coating of chocolate. So anyways, these oreos shown below have been dipped in Guittard white chocolate melts. I found them at Safeway but have never seen them anywhere else. They taste wonderful.

This is my little chocolate melting pot. It's made specifically for melting chocolate. It is so handy and never overheats my chocolate.

After I dip each oreo, I place them on a foil lined cookie sheet till they harden. It takes only about 15 minutes.

All packaged and ready to go!!!

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