Monday, April 27, 2009

Miss Paula Deens sour cream poundcake with raspberry swirl

Here's the thing. My desserts don't always look picture perfect. In fact, sometimes they turn out down right unattractive. That is the case with this poundcake. I realize that it's more important to have a dessert that tastes wonderful but I think an attractive dessert just adds to that pleasure. I will admit though, this poundcake is delicious! The flavor is so smooth. The texture is kind of dense, very moist with a light crumb. One of my loaves broke apart when I was flipping it out of the pan. Darn it. That automatically means I have to eat it. It was still really warm. Oh my word! It was delightful. I now have 8 loaves - I mean 7 1/2 - well ok, 7 loaves of ugly but delicious almond vanilla sour cream poundcake with raspberry swirl. The swirl is not even a swirl as you can tell from the photos. I plopped some raspberry sauce on top of the batter in the pan and spent time artfully trying to create a nice marble like swirl. The raspberry sauce sank like a rock and settled on the bottom of the pan. Hmmm. But like I said, it still tastes good. If you want the recipe, check out the Food Network website. I'm not going to bother typing it out. I'm still trying to find the perfect poundcake recipe.

I use my mini loaf pans constantly. I do own the standard size loaf pans and I can't remember ever using them. These mini ones seem to cook more evenly. I also like to give them away as gifts so it's easy when a single recipe results in 8 mini loaves. Everybody gets a loaf! Even though these are nonstick pans, I always spray them with Pam and then line the bottoms with a strip of parchment.

This batter was so velvety and smooth. I had my hopes up with this recipe! I used vanilla extract as well as a splash of almond.

These just came out of the oven and they are looking pretty darn sad. Sigh.

I pop them all out of the pans and just look at the bottom of the loaves!!

The raspberries sunk all the way to the bottom! Ugh!

But look! Doesn't this look tempting!? So what if the top is actually the bottom.

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